Arch , acrylic paint, mdf, and brick, 2015.   ‘FERAL 5’, Articulate Project Space, Sydney  This work was made as part of a group show that invited artists to respond to other works in the gallery space as part of an evolving and changing exhibition that lasted for six weeks. Arch was made to contrast the heavy industrial column and beam construction in the gallery space. It was also intended to jump of the wall, bounce down the stairs  and playfully reach out towards the other works of art in the space. 
   X  , 2015, Timber plywood, LED lights, Tamarama Beach   This work, made for Sculpture by the Sea, takes a common universally recognisable sign, and locates it in a place and at a scale that is unusual. As a sign it has a multiplicity of meanings; it is a signature, a wrong answer, buried treasure, a letter of the alphabet, multiplication, the crossing of paths at an intersection, a kiss. However a cross also says “I am here” it marks a location, a landing spot on the beach and in this  context it alludes to the claiming of a place.
   Redrawn , 2015, acrylic wall paint, The Incinerator Art Space, Sydney,   This series of wall paintings were made in response to the iconic Incinerator building designed by Walter Burley Griffin. The work translates the architectural plans, sections and elevations of the building as well as details of the interior space, into an abstract series of wall paintings that wrapped around five of the walls of the exhibition space. The work was made as part of the group show ‘The Art of Architects’ at Incinerator Arts Space, curated by Venita Poblocki for Willoughby City Council
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