A Curator Visits is a facilitated program of studio meetings between artists and curators. There is no expected outcome, the visits are simply a conversation between an artist and a curator.

Local, national and international curators with varied interests, directions and approaches, are invited to engage with artists' practices within the context of the studio. These meetings facilitate the encounter with curators for artists, broadening the range of critical input into their work. For curators the program presents an introduction to a rich pool of contemporary practices at various stages of development, and insight into current directions in research. The program is a platform to support and simplify the process of developing professional skills and connections.

A Curator Visits was initiated at Sydney College of the Arts in 2015 by Ciaran Begley, Consuelo Cavaniglia and James Nguyen, as part of Collective Club.

The program now runs more broadly across Sydney and is coordinated by Consuelo Cavaniglia and Mikhaela Rodwell.




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