Interior & Exterior Landscape , 2015, acrylic paint on polyester and cardboard. Photograph: Anna Cuthill  From the  Trans-aesthetic  series, 'Interior & Exterior Landscape' performs a kind of disappearing by emphasising the transitive passage that highlights the mobility of paintings, and by deferring their aesthetic attributes. Repetition though reproduction is used to argue against the privilege and precision of discreet objects.
  Large Painting in Six Parts , 2014, acrylic paint on canvas, 160 x 1000 cm (total). Photograph: Chris Bennett  This image has been digitally altered to include two instantiations of the painting on display, (right side) in full and aligned to read as a landscape, and (left) minus one part adjusted perpendicularly to read abstractly.
  Domain , 14, timber, polyester, and acrylic paint, 340 x 500 x 340 cm. Photograph: Tawfik Elgazzar.   Domain  engages with the interrelationships generated between notions of outside and inside, frame and painting, gallery and artwork. The work highlights an ‘architecture of display’ to collapse and invert the material and conceptual thresholds of painting such as surface, and frame.
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